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As a dance school we follow current government guidelines and the regulations set out by our venue. This is an ongoing situation and rules and regulations may change at the last minute but we will endeavour to keep the information on this page up to date.


Current Situation.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 is still very much present and therefore there will still need to be some restrictions and cleaning protocols that we will all need to observe. These are bullet pointed below:


  • The church will continue to only allow one group at a time, therefore we should not be sharing  with anyone else apart from possibly individuals  doing work in the offices on the other side of the building. To aid in the management of this, we will continue to keep the front door locked and challenge individuals who let themselves in.


  • I plan to ditch the pod system to allow us to be more flexible with the use of the space, however we will still need to observe social distancing where possible. This will mean that we will all need to be a little more aware and remind each other when we forget! This is not just a good idea but also a condition that the church insists on.


  • The church has also recommended that people use lateral flow tests before dancing. Many of you are already doing this twice a week anyway. This is not a requirement but a suggestion. Also, anyone who develops symptoms needs to remain at home and book a PCR test. Tracy and Myself, as COVID stewards, will also need to ask you if you are symptomatic before allowing you in. If you are, we will have to refuse entry (please do not take this personally, this is a requirement of the church).


  •  Due to the need to maintain social distancing, sometimes it may be necessary to run two classes in the sports hall rather than having one class in the smaller room. Hopefully this will be temporary but only time will tell!


  • The church also request we wear masks where possible, by those who can. Please use your common sense on this. Clearly this can not be done when dancing and even sitting for long periods of time wearing them can be difficult. If you are not able to wear one when you are not dancing, then allow more distance between you and everyone else. However, this does not mean, if you are wearing a mask you can sit/ stand right by each other!



  • We will continue to clean touch points etc. before class and provide wipes and sanitiser. We will also need to make sure we clean touch points at the end of the session, therefore we need to try and remain within the two spaces and minimise going anywhere else in the building. If it is necessary to go somewhere else, please either clean the area or inform us, so we clean it before leaving! They have asked those who hire the facilities to clean what they use.


  • I am aware that people will need to eat snacks and drink but please keep snacks to a minimum, try not to share and make sure you wash/sanitize before doing so.


  • We will need to continue to collect attendance data, for track and trace purposes, so please make sure your contact details are up to date on our system. We will try and minimise mixing of groups where possible, but social distancing will also be key.


  • We will maintain the best ventilation possible, opening doors and windows including the fire doors when the weather allows!


  • The church has now opened one female toilet and the male toilet but, if everyone is happy, I am suggesting (as there are not many of us) we continue to use the disabled toilet. I will also ask people to continue to hand sanitize on the way back into class.


  • As restrictions have been loosened, it has become easier for some to deal with but harder for others. We all need to be mindful of other people’s comfort levels.

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