Class Timetable

Join in the fun


10:00am -10:30am

Tots mixed Ballet and Tap class

Aims to provide a fun introduction to tap and ballet. Parents may support their child in this class.

Preparatory Tap and Ballet

A class designed for younger children to begin to teach them the basic techniques of Tap and Ballet.

10:30am -11:00am

Beginners Gymnastic Dance

A class designed for those students just starting out on gymnastic dance. It supports basic gymnastic tricks and prepares them for the next level.

Gymnastic Dance

A class that combines gymnastic tricks with dance steps. The class begins with a warm up often followed by a focus on trick practise and then dance choreography/practise.


Tap Dancing

Two classes run simultaneously to allow us to focus on different dancing levels and abilities. Classes at this stage are not set by age but by the grade/ level of ability a student is on. We therefore have a wide variety of ages (including adults) dancing together.

Currently group 1 are studying Primary and Grade 1 Tap, while group 2 are doing Grade 2 and 3.


Ballet Dancing

As Tap it is also split into two groups. Group 1 are currently studying Primary and Grade 1, while group 2 are doing Grade 2 and 3.



In this class students work on routines of varying styles loosely based round disco, street and contemporary. When preparing for freestyle medals student have an input into music choices and therefore dance styles.