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Class Timetable

Join in the fun

A sports hall set up for a dance class. There are mats and chairs out ready.
9:30 Tots and  Ballet/Tap. 10 Acro 10:30 Freestyle 11 Tap 11:30 Ballet 12 Contemporary/Musical


Students will be offered the opportunity of trying classes depending on individual circumstances, this will include age, ability, previous experience etc. but not exclusively these. Classes will be adapted, where possible, to accommodate students needs but we must consider students safety as the primary priority.


Adults may try all available dance styles, but as with chidren individual fitness and underlying medical conditions may need to be considered especially in the case of Acro and Contemporary. Adaptions will be made, where possible, but we must consider individuals safety first.


Classes are £2.50 per half hour session up to a maximum of £10 payment per student per week (e.g. pay for 4 classes a week 5th class is free).



Class levels

Tots mixed class

Aims to provide a fun introduction to a variety of dance styles with a parent/ carer on hand to give reassurance and support where necessary. 

Novice classes

Aim to help students begin to learn foundation steps and techniques in the selected styles and allow students to learn routines that they can dance with support.


These classes aim to build on the foundation steps with more difficult content. We also aim to make the dancers more independent when performing routines.


These classes are aimed at students with more experience of dancing. We continue to build on technique while helping students to develop style and encourage them to develop ideas of their own.

Dance styles


Acro is the name given to gymnastic dance, where gymnastic tricks are combined with dance moves, and at times props, to create a dance performance. The class offers the opportunity to develop flexibility and gymnastics tricks as well as the opportunity to learn routines.


Ballet is a very technical traditional style. It is excellent in developing strength, posture and builds fitness and stamina! 


Contemporary dance is an expressive dance style that combines elements of Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Lyrical.


Freestyle is an artistic dance style that can take inspiration from a variety of dance styles such as street, disco etc. Inspiration for the various styles are taken from the music we use. Choregraphed routines are generally influenced by Disco with elements of Hip Hop and Street. However as students get older they are encouraged to make their own musical choices and develop their own style.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a combination of singing, dancing and acting. Students learn vocal and physical warm ups as well as developing character dances based on a selected Musical.


Tap is also a traditional and technical dance style. It uses the sound of your feet, produced by a range of steps, to create a rhythmical dance style. 

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